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Hey- It’s Cindy & Brad!

who-we-areMy name is Cindy, Brad’s better half of course : ), and I love everything baby-related! Coming from a small I town in Southwest Michigan, family has always been a big part of my life. And, now, as a third grade teacher in the suburbs of Atlanta, educating and researching new trends have become my passion. With a bubbly toddler in our home, I’m always looking for something new to help our daughter hit those important milestones and make our days (and nights) run smoother too!

My name is Brad and I am addicted to finding the best products online. As a serial entrepreneur, I’m always looking for that hidden treasure that makes everyone’s lives easier. We tried out so many different things with our daughter that I started keeping a running tally of what worked, what didn’t, and everything in between.

Welcome to Top Parent Choices – We’ve Done the Heavy Lifting For You!

When we welcomed our daughter into the world, we relied heavily on family and friends to fill us in on this child rearing thing.

And, like you, we want the best for our daughter, so when she came home from the hospital, we went to work! We spent hours online, reading reviews, asking friends and families, and tons of time experimenting with countless products. Some she loved others she didn’t care for, but in the end we amassed an amazing list of must-try products for you and your little one.

Think of us and this site as your personal baby concierge. We’re bringing you the latest parent and kid-approved products for you to try, without you having to spend hours online.

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